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Admin A is your top level-one one-stop support team. Our technicians have experience ranging from industrial to medical to automation to home entertainment all the way up to satelite communications. If it's IT related, we got you covered. 

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**Please note that this site is still under construction. If you have any issues or questions please do not hesitate to call us at (213) 533-6666

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Desktops, Laptops, Workstations and custom built computers are our bread and butter. We can do just about anything you can imagine. (We mean that quite literally) 

Tablets and Phones

Tablets and Cell phones may not be all that expensive these days, but the data on them is Oh! so precious and/or extremely valuable. We will help you keep it working great, and if disaster strikes, we get ALL of your important data off before replacing or repairing it.And if it's stolen, we'll help you wipe it before data gets in the wrong hands.


Domain controllers, email servers, web servers, file and storage archive servers, backup servers, you name it. We can help you; and FAST. We realize that when a server is down, there's more than one person down. No matter what kind of server it is, we get on it right away.


We have lots of cloud services to help your office servers and workstations like Spam filters, Email servers, Backup Servers, Anti-Virus Managment, etc.; Or if you want to migrate your whole office to the cloud we can do that too. Want the best of both? We support hybrids with fault tolerant load balancing to boot. 

 Virtual Machines  

Thinking about going to virtual? Or maybe you just want to know what it is? VMWare® is a specialty of ours. We love wowing our clients  by reduecig their power hungry aging server rooms down to a single 2U or a tower server. All without any downtime at all.
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Getting down to brass tax. We like getting straight to the point too... 


Free desktop monitoring and notification.

$ 0/mo.


  • FREE!
  • Open Source means no hidden agenda
  • Extremely light weight and non-intrusive

    We'll quietly stand by and only notify you when there is an issue.

Desktop Support Services

You call us, we come and take care of it. 

$ 95/hr.

Classic On-Site or Remote support service. 

Current response time: 1hr

    9-5 Office hours
  • 24hr Emergency Services Available
  • Instantly assigned to a technician that best suite your needs.
    We love remote support, even if it's a tablet or phone, we can help!

Server Support Services


$ 120/hr.

Same as desktop, but Top Priority. We know servers afect more than one of your employees.
Current response time: 1 hr

  • 9-5 Office hours
  • 24hr Emergency Services Available
  • Instantly assigned to a technician that best suit your needs.
  • We love remote support, even if it's a tablet or phone, we can help!

Poractive Support

Once monitoring is up we can forcast your computer problems and prepair or repair before it becomes your next disaster. 

$ 0/mo.


  • Drastic reduction in repairs costs, as well as down time and data loss. 
  • We arrange to be there at a conveniet time for you.. Do  schedule maintenaces as well as preemptive repairs..
  • Cloud Backup Services will be included. There is nothing like having a good backup.
** Note: Prepaid Blocks of hours as well as contract pricing are also available. Please contact us for more info. We'll need to do a quick assesment of your office or offices so we can give you a customized competative rate. We want to get you just right kind of service for the right price.

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